Understanding Your Bill


Bill Breakdown

1. NWWA's Contact Information:
Address to which bill payment should be submitted. Additionally, if you have any questions we can be reached at the phone or fax numbers provided.

2. Account Name and Address:
Name and Address to which the bill is sent. The individual listed is responsible for paying the bill.

3. Customer Account:
Unique, identifying number that NWWA assigns to each customer. Providing this number when you contact us with a question or comment will enable us to assist you more efficiently.

4. Total By Due Date:
Total outstanding balance on the specific account. Stated amount includes current charges, past due balances and/or fees, if applicable.

5. Invoice Date:
Date the bill is printed

6. Due Date:
Date payment is due to NWWA. Payments received after this date will incur a penalty fee.

7. Total After Due Date:
Recalculated Balance Due if payment is received after the Due Date. Includes Penalty Fee. Pay this amount if payment will be received by NWWA after the Due Date.

8. Comment/Address Change Box:
Check this box and complete the reverse side of the bill if your mailing address is changing or if you have any questions or comments. Remember to include your Name, Daytime Phone # and/or E-mail address so that we may respond quickly.

9. Previous Balance Forward:
Total dollar ($) amount due from your last bill.

10. Payment Received:
Total dollar ($) amount of payment(s) received prior to the Invoice Date identified above.

11. Balance Forward:
Represents balances carried forward from previous billing period. It is the difference between Previous Balance Forward and Payment Received (Previous Balance Forward - Payment Received = Balance Forward)

12. Current Charges:
Identifies property in which water is being supplied. Address in this section may differ from address above.
a. Readings- XX/XX Actual:
Meter reading (in Gallons) for this current bill period. Date shown is the actual date meter was read. Column heading will indicate "estimate" if actual meter reading was not available at the time the bill was printed.
b. YY/YY Actual:
Meter reading (in Gallons) from the prior billing period. Date shown is the actual date meter was read (or estimated) to calculate your total due on your last bill. This number should be the same as the number in the first column of your last bill.
c. XX Days Used:
Identifies the actual number of days between the last reading and this current reading. Captures the total number of gallons of water used between the last date meter was read and the current meter read date. (Current Meter Read - Last Meter Read = Total Usage for this Billing Period)
d. Cons Allow (Conservation Allowance):
Captures the total amount of additional water usage available during the summer months prior to incurring an additional charge per 1,000 gallons for excess usage. NWWA encourages water conservation and calculates a Summertime Allowance based on wintertime consumption. The Conservation Allowance is 140% of average of two winter billing cycles or an additional 12,000 gallons, whichever is greater. Water usage over Conservation Allowance is subject to an additional charge.
e. Excess:
Total amount of water consumption (in Gallons) that exceeds the Conservation Allowance. Total gallons represented in this field would be assessed an additional charge per 1,000 gallons.

13. Base Rate XX Meter:
Flat Fee per billing period based on the size of the meter servicing the location.

14. Usage:
Amount due based on current water consumption. Current Rate ($) per 1,000 gallons.

15. Total Current Charges:
Total dollar amount due for charges incurred during this billing period (Base Meter Rate + Usage).

16. Total Amount Due:
Total dollar amount due by the stated Due Date. Includes Total Current Charges and Balance Forward Charges, if any.

17. Customer Account, Invoice Date and Due Date:
Repeated information from above. Important information in case the top portion of your bill is lost or destroyed.

18. www.nwwater.com:
Look for special messages in this area. Contact us anytime at the e-mail address provided.