Forest Park Water - Clearly the Finest

Forest Park Water (FPW) is our state-of-the-art drinking water treatment facility located in Chalfont, PA. In these two videos you'll not only learn the history behind it, you'll also get to follow the path of your water from the Delaware River all the way to Lake Galena and then FPW. You'll enjoy a tour inside the facility and learn about our sophisticated drinking water treatment processes. Watch the water treatment operators in action and learn all that's involved in providing you with an abundant supply of safe, delicious tap water all day, every day.

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Protecting The Water Supply - Source Water Protection

In this video you will learn about source water protection and why it is so important to protect our water supply from contamination.  You'll be introduced to the different sources of pollution...point and non-point sources...and you'll see how things you do might contribute in a negative way to water quality. In addition, you'll see how protecting the water source helps to make water treatment easier and less expensive.

Video length - 21 minutes

Broadcast by permission. Copyright © American Water Works Association.

Water Sources

This video includes a review of the hydrologic or water cycle and an in-depth discussion of the various sources of water (groundwater and surface water). Included are discussions of the construction and operation of water wells for drinking water and the use of surface waters for municipal water supply. You will learn why surface water sources can fluctuate widely in water quality and flow throughout the year. Water quality regulations, water conservation, source water protection, and emergency water supplies are also introduced.

Video length - 25 minutes

Broadcast by permission. Copyright © American Water Works Association.