Sewer Lateral Replacement Program

North Wales Sewer Lateral Replacement Program


The Sewer Department of the North Wales Water Authority will be upgrading and replacing some of the sewer laterals on streets throughout the Borough. This construction activity should NOT result in any significant disruption in your sewer service.

Update as of July 18

Beginning July 20, work will begin between East Montgomery to East Prospect Avenues and South 4th to South 10th Streets. Click here for an aerial view of this next phase of construction. For a detail view of this phase of work, click here.

Initial work began on July 10. For an aerial view of this initial phase of this construction, click here. For a detail map of this initial phase, click here.

Why Are the Laterals Being Replaced?

Many of the sewer laterals within the Borough are many decades old and have started to experience ground-water infiltration. As part of system maintenance and to minimize the expense of treating unwanted ground water at the treatment plant, we continue to upgrade and/or replace the aging system whenever financially feasible.

The majority of these lateral repairs will be in the road right-of-way only, and will not include all laterals on a specific street. You may notice that some specifically selected laterals in front yard areas may be replaced. These homeowners have been previously notified and are financially participating to have this work completed.

What Can I Expect?

In anticipation of this work, you may see an individual video taping the existing ground features in the neighborhood before work begins. In addition, temporary paint markings will be placed on the street and in your front yard after our Contractor notifies PA-One Call of the proposed excavation. All contractors are required to participate in PA-One Call prior to any excavation and these marks are placed by the individual utility owner(s). In many cases these paint markings DO NOT indicate where excavation will actually occur, but rather are to warn the excavating contractor where existing lines are located. These markings are for the safety of both the contractor and the general public.

Our contractor has assured us that they will do their very best to minimize traffic flow and other disruptions within the excavation areas. You will notice temporary No Parking signs a day or two before work begins in a given area. We would respectfully ask for your cooperation and patience if you experience any inconvenience. Work on each street area is likely to take about 10 days during the excavation and replacement of these sewer laterals.

Final asphalt restoration will NOT occur until the end of the entire project in two or three months.

Questions about this project should be directed to Mark Elser, the Special Projects Coordinator for this project. He can be reached by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 267-421-4577.

For the safety of all children, we ask that they refrain from playing around the construction activity and/or on or with the construction equipment and materials while it is in your neighborhood area. Your cooperation is always welcome when it comes to SAFETY FIRST!