In Your Home

As a customer of the North Wales Water Authority it is very important to understand important facts about the water service we provide to your home. Not only is the quality we deliver to your home of outstanding importance, but so is how you manage the water once it enters your home. 

Part of our community outreach programs has been to educate our customers on a variety of topics that can affect your home's water quality. One of those programs deals with backflow prevention. Backflow Protection is a program where a device is installed to prevent contaminants from re-entering our distribution system.

Other important educational components include how to locate your main shut-off valve in case of an emergency, how to detect leaks in your home, how your water meter operates, what determines your water pressure and what affects your water hardness. 

Being a water steward in your home is an important aspect of being a homeowner so we simply ask that you take the necessary measures to educate your family about the water service you receive from the North Wales Water Authority.