Water Meter Updates

To collect water meter readings the Authority uses Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology. Using AMR benefits customers by improving the accuracy of the bill, providing early leak detection, eliminating the need to estimate water bills and eliminating the need for a water meter reader to visit your premises to read the meter. This saves the Authority thousands of dollars each year, which in turn saves you money.

An AMR system consists of your water meter and a Meter Transmitter Unit (MXU). The water meter is installed inside your home, while the MXU is attached to one of your exterior walls. In order to read your meter, a NWWA vehicle with a radio transmitter drives past your house and sends out a special radio signal to the MXU. This unit then radios back your meter reading to the computer inside our vehicle. The data is later transferred to our computerized billing system.

The Authority is currently upgrading the MXUs in our system as part of our annual infrastructure maintenance program. This means there is no charge to you for this upgrade. The new units come with advanced technology that will one day allow for meter readings from our office. This capability will in the future allow for multiple readings per day, resulting in improved customer service through quick and accurate replies to inquiries, faster resolution of billing disputes and real time operation and maintenance reports.

Because the units are on the outside of your home and to minimize customer disruptions, we are not scheduling the replacements ahead of time. As a courtesy, we will knock on your door before beginning work.

Only NWWA employees will be switching out the units. All employees have a NWWA employee badge and will be wearing an Authority uniform and driving an Authority vehicle.

It’s possible that not all units in your neighborhood will be replaced at the same time. Work is being scheduled based on the age of the MXUs and the need to replace a unit in order to maintain accurate billing records.