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Coloring and Activity Pages

-Download and color The Water Wizard!
-Download and color the water cycle!

- Be a Leak Detective!

-Water Use it Wisely activity pages

-The Regional Water Providers Consortium in Oregon offers a What Do You Know About H2O Activity Book

-The Friends of the Wissahickon have a special Larks and Recreation page on their website that loaded with games, crafts, trivia and other fun stuff.



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Online Interactive Conservation Games

Visit the Water Use it Wisely website to play the Tip Tank game and keep the fish afloat while learning water saving tips in a fun way.

Save Our Water has an interactive coloring book where you can color online or download and print so you can with your own crayons or pens.

Project WET, one of the country's premier water education organizations, has an interactive water festival. They offer many fun videos that help you discover more about the role of water in our lives.

Project WET also has a fun video called Healthy Water Healthy People where you learn how important water is to the human body.

Help save the oceans from plastic by playing the Coral Greef game.