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water wizard at earthfest

The Board of Directors of the North Wales Water Authority is proud to announce that our Forest Park Water Treatment Plant (FPWTP) was awarded the prestigious 10-Year President's and the 20-Year Director's Awards for water treatment from the American Water Works Association's Partnership for Safe Water in April 2022. The FPWTP is jointly owned and operated by the North Penn and North Wales Water Authorities. 

The President's Award is a volunteer endeavor between the AWWA, Environmental Protection Agency, and water suppliers with the goal of providing communities with drinking water quality that surpasses the required regulatory standards, through treatment plant and distribution system optimization. The 10-Year President's Award is given to plants that demonstrate consistently, over a ten-year period, a high level of water purification; not just from raw water to drinking water, but also in each individual filter the plant uses to clean water. FPWTP has been involved in the Partnership for Safe Water since 1995.

The Directors Award recognizes FPWTP as a high-performing provider of safe drinking water and for its long-term achievement of maintaining consistent high-quality performance and commitment to optimization.

Community Events

The relationships we have with our communities play a very important role in our daily business. We strive to create alliances with the communities we serve through our participation in community days, education programs, watershed awareness, Chamber of Commerce events, corporate events and any other opportunities that arise. We feel that fostering these relationships is vital to the success of our Authority. 

Our speakers would be happy to talk to your group about water conservation, water treatment, watershed protection and current topics in the water industry. If you would like to request a speaker, please complete the request form.

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