Lead and Copper Testing Details

Routine monitoring lead and copper monitoring consists of sampling the tap water from at least 30 homes throughout our system every three years. Monitoring will take place again in 2022, beginning in June and continuing through September.

For this testing, we deliver sample bottles to a location of your choice (at front door, at back door, between the storm door and the front door, at the garage door, etc). Water must sit static for at least 6 hours before the lead and copper sample is taken. We often encourage customers to perform the test first thing in the morning or right away when they return home from work.

Once the sample has been taken, we return to collect the bottles from the drop off location specified by the customer. Sample bottles are taken to the lab for processing. Lab results usually take four to six weeks to process. All customers receive letters detailing and explaining their lead and copper test results.

Click here for the Lead and Copper Sample Collection Procedures document.