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ATTENTION - Warrington Customers Who Have or Have Had Private Wells


NWWA Receives Grant to Assist Warrington Residents with Contaminated Wells


Perflouronated Compound (PFC) Monitoring of the Costner Drive Wellfield

The groundwater wellfield on Costner Drive has been out of service since 2014 due to the presence of PFCs. A new treatment system has been installed and this wellfield is being brought back online as a supplemental supply for Warrington customers. It will provide approximately 3% of the water entering in the Warrington system. 

These are the current test results.  In the future, you may find the results posted on this page. Bookmark it!


Clarification Regarding Water Payments - 7-14-2020


2019 Water Quality Report Available! 

Click here to view or download a copy.

Update on Water Service Issues - 5-7-20205-7warrington-update

Billing Inquiries - 3-19-2020warrington bill inquiries

Discolored Water - 2-27-2020

warrington flushing2-27

Water Billing Update - 2-11-2020

billing update 2.11.2020

Attention - Water/Sewer Service Contact Numbers

The Warrington water system is now owned and operated by the North Wales Water Authority. For all water emergencies or water-related services, please call our 24-7 customer service line at 267-482-6940 .

Warrington's sanitary sewer system is now owned and operated by the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority. For all sanitary sewer emergencies or sewer services, please call 215-343-3946. 

If you have questions/concerns about any water or sewer services or billings for service provided prior to October 1, 2019, please call the township office at 215-343-9350 during their normal business hours.

Water Meter Reading and Billing Cycles

To view a map of the meter reading qnd billing cycles, click here.



Welcome Warrington Township water customers!


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 The tentative schedule for implementation of our services can be found here

Learn About Your Water 

We invite you to learn as much as you can about your drinking water. A great place to start is to watch this video about our water treatment facility, Forest Park Water, and its treatment processes.