FAQ: Billing

The Authority does not accept cryptocurrency for payments. All payments and financial transactions conducted by the Authority must be made only with United States currency and legal tender, including cash, checks, and electronic transfers and the Authority will not accept cryptocurrency for any payments or financial transactions.

Low-flow showerheads and aerators can save a considerable amount of money, both in water use and in energy needed to heat water. Newer components can cut water consumption for showering by 30% while still providing a strong spray. Aerators on faucets also can save you money without noticeably reducing water pressure or flow.

If you have an older showerhead it is probably delivering five or six gallons of water, or more, per minute. Current models are designed to meet new government water conservation standards of less than half that amount. Keeping this in mind, it would also be beneficial for you to replace older toilets with newer, low-flush models for additional savings.

Buying a low-flow showerhead will give you both energy and water savings that can pay back their cost in about three or four months. Pass up lower-quality, cheaper model showerheads to avoid the weak spray that you are afraid of and won’t be satisfied with.

The biggest water savings can be from stopping even the smallest leak in your plumbing system. If any of your fixtures, appliances or toilets are leaking, fix them immediately. The smallest drips can add up to big water waste, compounded by wasted energy if hot water is leaking.