Where’s My Water Meter?

Your meter is located at the point where the service line comes through the foundation. Usually, it’s either in your home’s basement or utility room. If you can’t find it, please call our office for assistance.

How To Read Your Meter

Low flow indicator will move when small amounts of water pass through the meter. It will assist you in detecting leaks.

There are dial wheels with numbers, the first is stationary and always zero. Moving to the left is a space for tens of gallons, then hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, and then millions.

Find out about NWWA’s Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and how it works.

What Is Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) And How Does It Work?

AMR is a technologically advanced system that allows us to read your meter without having to set foot on your property. Here’s how: a NWWA vehicle with a radio transmitter drives past your house and sends out a special radio signal to a meter transceiver unit located on the outside of your home. This unit then radios back your meter reading to the computer inside our vehicle. The data is stored on a computer diskette and is later transferred to our computer billing system.