Your Water

Have you ever stopped to think about the true value of the water that flows from your taps? Even though you don’t see it, behind the scenes is a magnificent network that includes a state-of-the-art water treatment facility, pump stations and pipes that around the clock deliver water to our homes.

NWWA customers have some of the highest quality, best tasting water in America. Residential and business customers alike benefit from our commitment to staying ahead of the technological curve in terms of water treatment and quality while keeping our costs as low as possible.

Just about everything you need to know about your water is included in this section of our website. Learn about our water monitoring and sampling and see a complete listing of every contaminant we monitor for to ensure the water’s safety. You’ll also learn how the many steps in our treatment process make our water taste so delicious.

Here you have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics that can affect your home’s tap water quality. One of these is backflow prevention. Backflow Protection is a program where a device is installed to prevent contaminants from re-entering our distribution system.

Take some time to also learn how to locate your main shut-off valve in case of an emergency, how to detect leaks in your home, how your water meter operates and what determines your water pressure and what affects your water hardness