Customer Security

Avoid Scammers at Your Home

  1. For work that requires us to enter your home or business, NWWA employees will rarely come to your door without an appointment. 
  2. NWWA employees carry an ID badge and are in uniform bearing our logo.
  3. NWWA employees travel in white trucks that bear the NWWA logo.
  4. Our employees will NEVER ask for cash. All NWWA payments must be processed through our offices or our online payment portal.
  5. If someone comes to your door claiming to be an NWWA employee and you’re not expecting them, ask for identification. If you have any questions or concerns, call our office in Montgomery County at 215-699-4836 or Bucks County at 267-482-6940.
  6. If they threaten you in any way, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Customer Data

  1. We NEVER request social security numbers from our customers.
  2. We NEVER share our customers’ telephone numbers or email addresses with ANYONE.
  3. We do not store ANY customer credit card information in our computer system.

Online Bill Payment Alert

There are a number of third-party bill payment websites that will accept your water payment for a fee and relay that payment to us. Please note that these services are not in any way affiliated with the North Wales Water Authority. 

The only way to know that you are on our authorized bill payment site is to access it from our website (and then possibly save it as a bookmark for future use). You are never charged a fee for paying your bill through our official bill payment site.

Click here to read a statement from our attorneys. Click here to read a Cease and Desist letter from our attorneys to Doxo.