Lead and Copper Sampling

To ensure you receive the best water quality possible, both the Federal and Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Acts require us to monitor for lead and copper in your drinking water. Because NWWA has never detected lead or copper in our source water, we rely on customers to do voluntary sampling in their homes. It is the only monitoring we do that relies completely on our customers' participation. We are always recruiting new volunteers. Click here for more information and to sign up.

2019 Testing Results

From June through September 2019, North Wales Water Authority sampled 54 homes in our Montgomery County service area. We are happy to report that none of the homes that participated in this monitoring exceeded the regulated action level for lead and copper. The homes that were sampled were a mix of homes that contained lead service lines and/or lead based solder in the household plumbing. The data collected shows that NWWA is doing the best that it can in preventing the leaching of lead and copper into our customer's drinking water. Our results are representative of our water system as a whole and we are pleased that another monitoring period has been successfully completed once again. Our thanks to everyone who volunteered.

What's Next

Our most recent monitoring was concluded in the summer of 2019. The next monitoring period will begin in June 2022. The sampling dates are:

June 6th and 7th
June 13th and 14th
June 20th and 21st
June 27th and 28th

Testing for lead and copper in your water is incredibly important. Your test results show whether there is a harmful presence of lead or copper in your drinking water. Too much lead or copper can lead to negative health effects such as damage to the brain, kidneys, and impaired childhood development.

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